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Steel framing design and solutions for both residential and commerical buildings

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Build Better with Steel Framing Solutions

If you’re seeking high-quality steel framing in Melbourne, then let us assist you Our skilled professionals specialise in high-quality steel frame design and installation. We provide solid and long-lasting structures for your projects by using modern techniques and cutting-edge technology. Our steel frame systems are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. You can rely on our trained staff to give you flawless installation and unparalleled competence. We provide quality in all aspects, from design to finish. Say goodbye to old framing methods and hello to the strength and efficiency of steel framing solutions now!

Production of lightweight steel framing for housing, apartments, buildings and commercial warehouses. TLS Framing also produces partition walls and ceilings and for for tall buildings, as well as multistorey commercial buildings.

Trusted Expertise

Our ability to identify your needs and deliver the products you want, helps you build better and faster.

Total Excellence

We hold ourselves to very high standards to build and supply products that stand the test of time.

Industry Leadership

We bring proven expertise to deliver the right products, in the right dimensions, in the right quantity.

Personalised Service

We meet your specific needs with experts who will support and guide you at every step.

Steel Framing Melbourne: Lightweight Solutions for a Strong Future

The steel framing building industry wants an efficient and sustainable future for Melbourne’s changing building scene. The new thinking of lightweight steel framing  in the planning and building of structures is the basis for revolutionising new builds in this city.

Advantages and Benefits of Lightweight Steel Framing

The advantage of using lightweight steel framing in Melbourne is its strength to weight ratio which gives ease in handling and installation on site and reduces construction costs and time. Also, it possesses intrinsic flexibility that facilitates complex designs and adjusts itself to different types of building styles.

Comprehensive Steel Framing Solutions

Steel framing in Melbourne is tailored for various building requirements from concept till completion. The flexibility of steel framing ensures accurate and safe building even in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

Trusted Melbourne Steel Framing Contractors

Every successful industrial project relies on making the right choice of a steel framing supplier. In Melbourne, there is a selection of qualified and licensed companies that ensure quality installations with master craftsmanship.

Steel Framing Designs that Push the Boundaries

With steel framing’s extraordinary strength and architectural flexibility, architects and engineers in Melbourne are pushing the boundaries, producing awe-inspiring structures that stand the test of time.

TLS Framing's Commitment To You

At True Lightweight Steel Framing, we are driven to provide the best-in-class products to our clients.

We go above and beyond to deliver superior service and an impeccable experience.

Our skilled team prides itself on understanding your expectations & exceeding them.

This is not just a job for us, but also a passion and we will make sure to work with you every step of the way.


Our quotes are fast, clear and all-inclusive thanks to our tried and tested quoting methods. Plus we can work with your teams to optimise plans for our products to help you save money and time on site.


TLS Framing can also offer consultancy services to assist both clients and contractors with any light gauge steel frame, Floor Joists queries and Lightweight Steel Framing. We can assist at the very outset of schemes right through to their conclusion offering consultancy on all aspects of light steel framing at any stage of the project.


Contact us to organise installation through our subcontractors.

Lightweight Steel Framing Design & Installation Melbourne

Through innovations and sustainable development, Melbourne’s steel frame sector is offering solid futures whereby its solutions are strong and reliable. In the course of expanding the city, lightweight steel framing serves as part of its architectural environment, providing a solid footing required for coming generations.

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